Making Web Series to overcome “the consciousness block”

My work in my newly started web series “Secret Portal” is more focused on creating awareness in people who don’t have the chance to travel the world, but who have the desire to see it from a different perspective and meaning. I try to bring meaning to traveling and meeting new people and seeing new places.

I work with people I meet on the road, not necessarily travelers, they can be people with low incomes, indigenous or just plain odd people with some different notions who try to make a difference in the world through their lifestyle and way of seeing things. I help them to make their voice heard. This week I finished editing the last chapter which I shot in La Cocha/Coruña, Colombia.

Web image_Capitulo 4

In this chapter I am talking about how the beliefs and traditions make us stuck in places and not see the forest for the trees. We want to see the other dimensions and want to enter to other world, but we don’t want to change our age old habits which in return create negative thoughts and make us pessimistic. Or that we are constantly in expectancy of some miracles in our lives which also cause us develop a perception that we are not capable of doing marvelous things and which in return locks us to the level that we are in. Or if we are skeptical about things, if the things we see don’t match with our logic we develop fear and this fear and hostility lock me to myself, enslave me to myself.

Whereas what we call salvation is to save myself from the perception of my own ego. Internalization binds me to myself and I got stuck in that level. And then I am like a faded, cemented slave of this level. But if we make honest questioning, we free ourselves. Or we only question things in flesh sometimes. We want to touch, we get thirsty, we get hungry, we get tired. Then we find ourselves lonely. We got stuck to our level. We look for masters who are no longer there. We feel abandoned, we look for saviours etc. If we can notice these things that lock us up to some level, then this awareness can deliver us to Creator.

At this point we need to become a group who discusses and debates things with honest expressions where we will be tossed to different universes. We accept that in groups everybody agrees with each other, but actually we need to dispute each other and thus we need to create new universes. At the point where you live your own internal conflicts, your deficiciencies come into open. This brings us to the experience of ressurection which is actually to move to a new level.

Here is a link of  the episode 4 of my new web series “Secret Portal”:

Episode Four “Finding the Lost Island”


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