I hold the social issue indie filmmakers accountable to understanding globally contingent relations and try to bring with this blog an empathic or engaged insight, by which I make the auteur filmmaker to recognize that his/her participation at worldly activity of filmmaking as an act of world making that alters the fabric of the cultures in which we live in, is at stake.

Bozkurt Palanduz

My aim as a filmmaker from Istanbul with inborn qualities of a world city, as I lived a great portion of my life moving across diametrically opposite territories divided by sea – continents – like Asia and Europe where the one and only multi continental city in the world sits, to provide the fellow traveling filmmakers with a document of my hands-on experiences as a born-to-be-migrating filmmaker. And in so doing, I hope to undo the scarcity of such “foreign territory independent film production expertise” to help aspiring filmmakers to consider the option of realising their dream projects which they have no means of realising in their home countries around the developing Greater Mediterranean area and call them to action to make turn this perilous travel into a blessing by means of intervention of cinema art as a means of intimating the permeability of boundaries, and undoing the blind spots of our vision as visionary filmmakers due to atmospheric distances.

I hope this blog can offer a wonderful source of inspiration to abandon their remote, solitary positions as diminutive human figures carrying dismantled pieces of one big hidden truth that we are one and meet with fellow filmmakers from a sister city maybe oceans and continents away hit by a tornado that you unwittingly created by the flap of your butterfly wings of your baby project (or vice versa) from the other end of the Greater Mediterranean dream zone (as I currently am doing it here in Colombia and also did earlier in Uruguay and in Spain!).

Let’s make this dream come true by bringing one jigsaw puzzle piece at a time THAT ONCE WE’RE UNITED, WE JUST MAKE NOTHING BUT MIRACLES!


July 5th, 2015, Cali/Colombia,

Bozkurt Palanduz


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