Making Web Series to overcome “the consciousness block”

My work in my newly started web series “Secret Portal” is more focused on creating awareness in people who don’t have the chance to travel the world, but who have the desire to see it from a different perspective and meaning. I try to bring meaning to traveling and meeting new people and seeing new places.

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Plot Progression Chart for my next road movie is ready!


So the next and last film on the “Zahiristan-bul” trilogy series will be about one continous love story shot in different places and with differing cast in a world of Dante somewhere in and around Italy. I seek to depict in each film a different part of the Greater Mediterranean. The first two films were about the two extremities of the Mediterranean basin. My hometown Istanbul and some parts of Spain (Andalucia and Barcelona) and sailing the Mediterranean southwest of France.

I believe that by design cinema has a lot to offer in understanding the “other” by evoking our emotions which no other art form can really achieve to this extent. Therefore I want to utilize this medium in re-constructing a new world view where a new form of sensing life is at utmost need in today’s world of collapsing economies and old-fashioned ways of doing things. A new renaissance is at the door!

I am currently making my travel and shooting schedule for 2013 for this new project. As I shot the part taking place in Barcelona of my latest film “The Grenadines Road” where my local hosts were mostly Italians, I want to shoot the last film to this trilogy now in the “Land of Dante”.

I like to work in creative environments surrounded with visionary people who seek to come together and join forces with one single aim to break free from our perceived boundaries of the world as we know it and share this unique vision with similar visionary people to make the light bigger and bigger every day.

I like to develop certain templates that naturally come out in my journeys as to discover and illustrate them at my next port of call. By doing so I feel that my journeys reach the highest level of my understanding of freedom. Including varying cultures and ways of seeing things allows us to create a holistic view of an otherwise dying world view. If our shortsighted eye  is not fed and even healed at times with different perspectives and points of view to the same subject, then it’s not a living organism anymore actually.

Coming from a city like Istanbul where you can get sunsets with differing sensations every time you look at the same vista of the other side (be it arriving there from Europe, or Asia) depending on your gained new perspective of that “other side” on your way home. I want to create the same sensation with an amalgamate of perspectives at one single story form that I created with other two fellow travellers who experienced a life changing phenomenon in their daily lives here in Istanbul which I also experienced during the first film of this trilogy in this city of no ends. I think transmitting this euphoric experience of being born in Istanbul has a lot to offer to humanity in days like this coming to the closure of an age and beginning of a new one.

Therefore I intend to shoot one part of this free-roving trilogy fusion feature film project series again in collaboration with local artists and travelers the same way I did in Spain last year, but this time I have a complete new story form consisting of 4 Signposts and 3 Journeys of whose shoot I plan to make within a time span of 8 months through various parts of this visionary world.

Here is the road map for my next feature! Let's see where I am going to shoot with whom this time!

In this way, I want to map out a spiritual road the same way I did with Cervantes’ Don Quixote’s trail back in Spain and to Yunus (a Turkish poet and mystic).

Direct Cinema is where you break the ice!


This blog is a diary about the constant daily miracles which make my films possible!

By miracles I mean the things we don’t usually comprehend during our daily rush of things that we have to carry on with, or the things which happen to us, but due to our short-sight or incapacity of adapting their interpretations to our daily lives they usually lose their effect of immediate impact to our surroundings. Thus we end up living a meaningless life as we take as a given that we are.


My last crew&cast during a shoot in Granada/Spain. From left to right: Teresa Herrera, Jesus Gonzalez, Bozkurt Palanduz (me), Frank Müller, Stelviyo Attanasi, Judit Saavedra Micolo, Tamara Garcia

I am a seasoned filmmaker with 20 years of experience. I make films starting with my thesis project about alienated people in their homelands. The ones who were unable to find meaning of their life as being the microcosmic example of almost the whole humankind living on this planet without deliberating upon why! You need to shake off the old ways of thinking that are holding you back. Once you realize you can do things in an entirely new way, you can re-write the rulebook. Find ways you are stuck in mental ruts and give them the boot.

This blog is therefore there to unravel the invisible, the abstract within the visible. And today’s internet represents very well the ether which is not visible but which has become a certain vehicle to find out about how we can escape our mundane daily lives strictly stuck in the flesh, doesn’t’ it!

taken as the gypsies visiting the town by the passers-by and posing for the tourists

taken as the gypsies visiting the town in the other side of the French riviera, Saint Marries de la Mer and posing for the tourists with tambourine artist Alessandra Belloni

By definition, films are made as long as the relationships allow them. And the relationship I am talking about here is our relationship with the ether from where we actually get the ideas and new point of views through metaphors. They exist between ordinary events showing us the interconnectedness of all the things around us.


When we were not allowed into the bullfight arena in Granada, I had to shoot the whole scene impromptu and from scratch. I wrote and set up the mis-en-scene in 10 minutes before the sun disappeared in between the buildings in the background. That day was the final day of the shoot, then I became a superman! 🙂

Screen shot 2012-10-12 at 2.01.44 PM

That’s why the things that I am going to share here are the mere interpretations of “the things” or “events” which may seem ordinary or not so out of the box at first sight, as the people around you try to make you believe that they are meaningless, but if you look at them from the viewpoint of the “eternal now,” they have quite different implications in the context of pre-eternity and eternity condensed to “now”! That’s where the eye-opener films come into the picture made by those few people on earth who happen to seek only these hidden links that we all actually have to look for in the first place.

For this reason I am even making this blog in English which is not my mother tongue and which may sound a bit awkward at times but which is I think how that person would talk to you whom you may also meet some day on a distant shore somewhere on the ocean side of a far continent, wouldn’t he/she? And the other reason I make this way is: if you believe that there is another reality beyond what we are born into, then English as a second language comes in handy I think to just start a dialogue! I am not going to bug you my crippling Spanish or out of practice German for the sake of my first post for now! 🙂

This scene we shot on a mount in Granada where there is this wall with a corridor in it and at dawn the light shines through he holes in the wall. That was a perfect start for the shoot!

This scene we shot on a mount in Granada where there is this wall with a corridor in it and at dawn the light shines through the holes in the wall. That was a perfect start for the shoot!

You may be a novice filmmaker and want to develop your filmmaking skills with hands-on experience on filmmaking starting from conceptualizing to the final shoot and editing, and even beyond all the way down to its gala, or you may also be a talented actor who wants to make a bold start with an off-the-beaten path film project in the international avant-garde film festival circles, then this blog is for you. Once it’s released,  get to see also “The Grenadines Road”, my latest feature which has come out in the same vein.

El camino_afiş

In my last project I was able to balance the density of wisdom of my hometown Istanbul (an amalgamate of a myriad of ancient cities one on top of each other, namely Byzantine, Konstantinopolis and Chalcedony – the so-called “Land of the Blind”) where you as a visionary filmmaker literally have no place to speak this knowledge out but your films or scripts, as it is the end of one world and yet the beginning of another, namely it’s just a bridge to pass you onto the other side. A bridge between our 5 senses and what’s beyond them, the sixth sense which doesn’t exist on this world, but it still does have its effects on this one! In getting into contact with the wholeness this city offers with its geographical location and history, you have to find out on your own what doesn’t exist yet there, namely “the hidden city within” or “the hidden self with us” so to speak.


There is this statue in Barcelona where they lit it in order to have a shadow at the building overlooking the square. The people living in that house must be chosen people! 🙂

When you cross the Bosporus, you start internalizing those notions which you only heard about up until then and start creating something beyond the material when you reach the other side. This transformation of ideas and the self can work both ways, from East to West or from West to East.


This the bridge in Barceloneta where you pass over a highway on the seaside to go to the Ikaria Beach

There you leave behind what was taught to you up until then, you become the coach of yourself. There you no longer need to take things for the self, there you take on the responsibility to act now as the bridge between these two worlds. There you suddenly disappear from one world by attaining the consciousness of logos that is to say that you become one with the whole universe and create a hook between the two ends of the world – the known and the unknown – which as a result empowers you to turn evil into good and the curse into blessing.

At that stage you start hearing a new call. A stage where no one really touches you anymore in a sense to hinder you from doing things. There you become untouchable. You actually pass beyond the limitations of cultures and nostalgia and heresy. Taking on the responsibility of studying the meaning of this road, you are also facing off the death&resurrection, taking this wisdom into your lives where you don’t need to prove your love of a certain kind of fish, for example, to anyone. The spiritual things have no way of proving them right.


You have passed the stage then of doing things just to show off. Like cleaning up some space just to satisfy our need to pretend as a clean person, whereas our inner self might be full of corruption, for instance. No, you don’t want to do that once you are out there in direct contact with the universe. You don’t do things there so that some people give you the paradise beyond your perception of some beliefs or ways of doing things right. There is no right or wrong there. There is just you who has become one with the universe! As the saying goes “you either become part of the universe or part of others’ herd.”


The demonstrations in September 2011 in Barcelona

I don’t want to state that the light of the world is where I come from or where I am planning to travel next and I am just hanging out in those places to mix in with the vibe, no! Just in contrary, I want to protect my light as I sustain my mobility as a visionary according to where I deem most necessary to strike a balance with what I have found out lately and to meet those people who see this light in a way that they see the connections and are capable of drawing lines between the dots in that vast space of darkness in between them. There are less and less people out there who can draw or willing to draw these lines, as the connections which allow these lines to be drawn get more fainted every day in a decaying world where everything is instantly converted to a high degree of materialism.

My last trip was to Spain where I spent 9 months to map out the extent of the Greater Mediterranean for my upcoming film project “El Cosmico.” As I said before I am a filmmaker from Istanbul, the city where you can find all the answers to all your questions you wondered about all your life, but you can’t bring them to full fruition there. It’s a city which both sets you free from your bonds and also sends you away to your own journey. When you discover Istanbul, you most likely find yourself in some quite other place then you were before both mentally and physically.


This is a blog that I am making to find kindred spirits who may be like me stuck somewhere around the world and looking for a way to unleash their ties from their past and break free, but don’t know how. I offer my expertise of filmmaking with over 20 years of experience in the industry, if you really want to become a genuine person which is something else than what the world teaches us to become one, you know. You may find it somewhere in Spain or on a boat on a multi-year journey across the oceans or even sitting in your cubicle stuck in a mega city or a little town where you may even become a traveller of time and space without even moving anywhere.

I have been making films mostly with people who haven’t been all necessarily in the industry for career-sake, but I rather enjoyed doing these films by reforming the blueprint of making cinema as there are so many places about which no films are made yet to reform our ideas about filmmaking  with the indigenous people there. Istanbul being just one of them which I am still finding out.

IMG_0694             IMG_0784

I mostly travel with the characters I write for long periods of time until I define them completely.  There has been times that I decided not to make a film about them once I reached the core of the characters I wrote and shot through some short films fiction or non-fiction which usually come out as a video diary of sorts during theses journeys –  that I shoot while I am traveling with them in spirit of the characters during recherche.


Don’t just ask ‘So, what do you do?’ Instead, go for something far more revealing. You could meet people who share your point of view in some really amazing ways somewhere in the world now and the internet might be just the beginning of that great journey — but you’ve got to ask all the right questions. And I ask you now, “you say I don’t like tea in the breakfast, I want coffee, but why would you make then movies in the same manner wherever you go in he world. Break through your own habits of doing things and enjoy the abundance of life and make real heartfelt contacts with people who are most likely passively looking for someone to change their habit of looking at things surrounding them from a finite viewpoint, thus creating more and more of a crust around them.

How about creating a completely new genre of cinema and breaking through these shells which are all made due to our own lack of practicing the way of meaning and due to our own way of seeing the whole creation as a system that punishes people where there are illusionary limits to doing things. Could that be your own lack of making these necessary contacts with the right people? And as a result of this you may be creating these limits that you set upon yourself. You can be totally lost in your own head and still have a productive day, when you are on the road. And if you are on a shoot there, imagining your next move could be one of your hidden talents. Go ahead, string fantasy and reality together into a silky braid. Your instincts will lead you to like-minded people, when you are out there. Go wherever your gut tells you to go. Fun people will be waiting there for you. Besides being able to predict how people are all going to react to you, your instincts will tell you how to prevent anything bad from hurting the people you love. This will be a time of great connectedness between you and the people you care. Get on your own Grenadines road!