Beginner’s guide to become a Superhero filmmaker

If you are feeling trapped in a city or a web of dominant relationships constantly dictating you a mediocre lifestyle which only makes you more focused to get on the long winding road of your dreams or to your Super Hero self, as a filmmaker then this blog article is for you!

First relax, you are a wanna-be visionary filmmaker currently living the life of an “extended stay jazzy traveler” ready to instantly claim his/her Super Hero childhood character waiting on the sidelines in disguise for a very long time. But you already made a giant step: you found out about my blog!


You just need some time to decompress and re-focus on which childhood dream you have most neglected in your life where you were always a Super Hero and could fly, do wonderful things, and even switch to another dimension whenever you wished as you were about to be killed by some dark evil forces. Or better put, when was the last time you would be able to wake-up from a nightmare just in time which seemed not to let go off of you?

Or are you still struggling to escape the daily routine of an odd job to pay your rent which only serves more the so-called realities of others with their vested interest in your life as a caretaker just to keep the illusion going?


Become a writer/director! Then you will soon convert into a born-to-be a Super Hero.

If you have been writing scripts which started with simple stories but soon turned into bigger than life realities, then immediately leave your comfort zone and get on the road which will lead you to re-write them where everything will fit you. You must have been writing underdeveloped characters as you were trying to keep up with the rat race of the big city life.

But wait a minute!

What happened to your childhood dreams! Who was your main super hero character in the first place?!.. How is he doing now?.. When was the last time you noticed that he was always there waiting for you to get on the road with you? Are you ready to re-connect?

Here is a short list of how to re-connect with your childhood hero again, in order to prepare the road to reach your dreams:

1. Make a media diet and start watching the films, TV shows, cartoons and all the graphic material again from your childhood times until you start seeing a pattern what made you watch those films! What character traits did they have? What kind of lovers they had? What kind of environments they were hanging out? Once you find a pattern, try to write down a tagline as if you were going to make a re-make of it. It may sound something as funny and meaningful as this: “Kilink, the immortal lover/executioner continuous to die and resurrect in different parts of the world as he never gives up fighting with the darkness while the most exotic beauties can’t help but fall in love with him at first sight.”

Kilink1Santo_movie_posters_15122. Start traveling with your childhood Super Hero (physically and mentally) inherently existing in the yet immature protagonist if you have been subconsciously trying to develop to a Super Hero!

We, as screen artists are all mind travellers. We try to excel from our default fallen human with the heavy duty job that we make. It’s a state of mind that we all have once the idea of infinite was custom made for us in a finite body and the world that we call time and space continuum that will eventually lead us taking things only for the self in the flesh, if we don’t take our childhood dreams seriously!

The other way to learn how to become a super hero again is to give our all back to the creation as we create our screen characters to their full bloom.  Yet we unwittingly die in our quest to rejuvenate them and only can rise up again in our completed work. Then we resurrect with our characters who can only do nothing but good for the sake to fulfil their assignment in the grand story, no matter how evil their parts in our scripts might be. This resolution means that we have found our very assignment in the grand story of the creation. We have now turned into our own Super Heroes!


Once you figured out the hidden pattern that repeats in the super hero character arc over and over again, try to walk in his/her shoes as what reasons and choices might have led this super hero to become invincible or in other words, to become one with the universe!

Since the result of all the things in the universe are good, this superhero represents for us the unchanging victory of Light over darkness. And in a sense, this also lulls our existential need as human beings to fulfil the duty to become the image of the Creator, meaning to fully reflect its light on us, by replicating these unsatisfied desires with out-worldly cartoon characters instead of taking on the real hardships of the road.

3. Recognise and re-claim the inherent powers of your superhero by entering “the void”. It’s often times due to the confidence we lack that we can indeed overcome obstacles without needing superhuman powers. Does this sound quite contradictory now? No, it is not.

The superhero only becomes a superhero once he leaves his comfort zone and enters an environment where he is as fragile as an alien figure, and can only do marvellous things and attain the powers of the universe if he/she is there to help “the other”: the human beings!

That’s where Clark Kent goes to his own cave to encounter again the infinite energies of his birthplace: outer space, as he enters a void. This void zone has brand-new energies, its own “right”s and “wrong”s. That void zone is a blessing! But to perceive this zone, to attain its supernatural powers and to move actually ahead in there, be it by flying or beaming oneself to another dimension, will need great effort from within and from down below your very essence, your core, your Avatar.



Leaving your comfort zone and entering a void is actually a very hard task. It took me 7 years to find the fellow parallel universe, Colombia, to my fatherland country, Turkey. There I encountered the same kind of problems which people were facing back in Turkey as well. People who are stuck in a wondrous world where salsa, sexy Latin women, drug lords and football had taken over the reign long time ago when the Spaniards decided to build a colony plundering all the gold from the indigenous people and indoctrinating a God which was supposed to be superior than theirs: they had the gunpowder instead of coloured-faced archers with tunics and long spears!

As the down-to-earth people could do nothing but keep silent to stay alive witnessing a futile fight akin to a plot from Fight Club with no winners in the end, be it mighty landlords of great estates arming poor peasant who are attacked by guerrilla fighters armed by either paramilitaries or the drug lords backed by generals with hands in the parliament who selects the prime ministers sometimes siding with drug lords sometimes with paramilitaries depending on their influence etc. etc. As I was listening to these stories I thought that the nightmare I just thought I woke up, would still continue if I didn’t pay attention how to stay awake!  

It’s always good to be in effort to do wonderful things once you are out there from the system, as long as the intentions of the superhero (this time, me) was good. I could beat any evildoer without being part of their game! That’s what we call “to write a universal story” or as Joseph Campbell calls it “The Hero with a thousand faces” or entering the Rabbit Holes connecting to other universes. You can write a screenplay in Istanbul and shoot it in Colombia without even seeing it first. You will be guided directly to your parallel universe where everything seemed impossible at the other one is suddenly possible and very much in need. Because this mere effort to always select the good result is enough to allow the superior powers of the universe start taking shape in Clark Kent and instantly turn him into Superman. If you want to become a superhero, it’s essential that you leave your comfort zone and enter the void.

Stepping into the void and becoming a superhero happens when you break free from your bondages of your past life, the things you were accustomed to. Things that made you lazy to leave your comfort zone once. Being full with the material world is an accustom. And accustom is what causes us to debunk in a certain situation where we can’t see things no more in perspective and become deaf to our actual calling. In that “desert” what you can only see is the hallucinations. Like thinking that making films in a certain way as the gatekeepers rule it, with full camera gear and crew; looking for a producer to make your film or even thinking that you can only make films in your native tongue and at home where everything is familiar to you. No, these are urban legends! Today, you can make a film with just a basic gear and with a knowledge how to use internet for all the rest of your production and distribution needs, to to mention to promote it to moment’s detail.

The other way around is returning back to the human form full of matter. Though being born to the powers of the universe is emptying yourself. Emptying oneself to serve “the other” is what will carry me to the promised higher levels of being. Once you step into a void or desert with the consciousness of your inherent powers of your superhero you start filling that void with your reality. The reality of what makes you walk, fly or move beyond time and space, beyond your finite by freely uniting with like-minded “other”s. You become witnessing the first moments of creation like a Big Bang from the void. You start answering the enigmatic questions easily by sincerely offering yourself to question the very existence of things as we know it. Yes, you were right to think when you were a kid that you were a Superhero and didn’t accept to talk to people denying it that you are.

You have now started adding value (your attention to care for your neighbour at your parallel universe) to things and that’s when you will hear the eternal answer. And the answer is always “if you came this far and did this, yes, we can go that far and make it up to you also.” That’s when you will start walking on the sea of your dreams. That’s how I felt when I made an application to a film fund 6 months after I came to Colombia with a script that I haven’t written in Colombia, but was able to adapt it easily in a period of 3 months as I discovered that all the story elements that I have included in my script had their exact dynamic cultural equivalents here that the road getting here taught me to see the secret pattern of an eternal love story.

4 – Buy yourself new clothes and give the old ones to the poor in spirit

Show people how to get here. Teach them. Give your light without expecting anything in return. Because you can start filling in outer space only after you completely empty yourself. No any single issue comes to us uncontrolled. The attainment of the super heroic powers is achieved by submitting oneself wholly to the control of the universe and thus becoming one with its flow. The constant flow of unconditional giving. When you reach that point you’ll be able to re-write the same story which you may have started at one end of the world and developed it to its full super heroic self as you will offer it without expecting anything in return like water or air like something everyone needs and shares with everyone. Because superheroes create their own energy in the void as they are very aware of the might of supreme powers that can create galaxies from a void. My story as the dream from a very distant country like Turkey is now the dream of many Colombian friends who want to see this film to be made to bring light to this country with a great image problem. Hallelujah!

In this void, what we call the road that goes through the heart of those few where sits a lion, you will notice that everyone is ready to help you whatever dream you have to bring this light to earth that is for the good of everybody. Once you unlock the secret of talking to people in a nuclear level,through the language of love, that is the main missing ingredient to turn darkness to light with a single touch, then you will see that you were always a Super Hero!