Filming Infinity: meeting the invisible face behind the mask

I had no idea where, when and how I would be able to make debut feature film, when I left my home more than 2 years ago. And now I am in Mexico City waiting for a phone call from Blue Demon Jr, the adopted son of Blue Demon, a legendary national hero of Mexico in pancreas fights and two times world champion, if he can take off his mask in my film or not! A face no one but his close circle of friends has ever seen yet.

Grabacion del programa de television Como dice el dicho en la Ci

TO-27526 12-ABRIL-2011 Mexico, D.F. Grabacion del programa de television Como dice el dicho en la Ciudad de Mexico. Blue Demon Jr. Blue Demon Jr during the recording of TV show, Como dice el dicho in City Mexico. Photo by Alejandro Godinez.

This is one of those moments in my life where I feel most connected with my true self, attaining the meaning of infinity with my finite. It’s when you realise that you are not alone and there are some people out there like you who have sacrificed their born identities to connect with a higher meaning and are fighting to get through a narrow gate just to attain the awareness to see things without curtains: to be able to see the invisible.

That’s our calling in our lives: to be appointed to a role to see things with a deep foresight after passing a period of “cooking” things. Namely,  earning this level through overflowing from your self. How would I imagine casting a world champion pancreas player for my film? That’s simply overflowing beyond my imagination! That is to me “The Eighth Day”, that’s the day which I didn’t think existed. That’s when you make all your sacrifices before entering the Kingdom of Heavens! That’s the day of seeing God face to face! That’s the day of the announcement of the virtues! That’s the day of what God has revealed me a mystery through his Spirit that was hidden from me until this day.

How I got here? A while ago, I wrote a character that was always unknown to me: my Father in Heavens! And went on looking for his face through 3 continents and 2 oceans!